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Host-Parasite Interactions MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Host-Parasite Interactions
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coordinate with host /‌parasitol + parasite /‌physiol or other more specific qualifier; HOST-PATHOGEN INTERACTIONS is also available
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The relationship between an invertebrate and another organism (the host), one of which lives at the expense of the other. Traditionally excluded from definition of parasites are pathogenic BACTERIA; FUNGI; VIRUSES; and PLANTS; though they may live parasitically.
Entry Term(s)
Host-Parasite Relations
Host-Parasite Relationship
Parasite-Host Interactions
Parasite-Host Relations
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QX 45
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specific host, organ, disease/parasitology (1975-1979)
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2008; see HOST-PARASITE RELATIONS 1980-2007
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2008 (1980)
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