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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
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index element or isotope used in performing the NMR spectroscopy only if discussed (probably NIM); do not confuse with MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING: check text; coordinate with disease, organ or tissue using pertinent qualifiers; for diagnostic use coordinate with disease /‌diag
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Spectroscopic method of measuring the magnetic moment of elementary particles such as atomic nuclei, protons or electrons. It is employed in clinical applications such as NMR Tomography (MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING).
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In Vivo NMR Spectroscopy
MR Spectroscopy
Magnetic Resonance
NMR Spectroscopy
NMR Spectroscopy, In Vivo
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Spectroscopy, Magnetic Resonance
Spectroscopy, NMR
Spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Preferred
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Related
In Vivo NMR Spectroscopy Related
Magnetic Resonance Related
Spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Narrower
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