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IM general only; coordinate NIM with disease /‌epidemiol, not /‌etiol; add geographic term if pertinent; do not use for "bias" as prejudice or subjectivity (= PREJUDICE or specifics)
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Any deviation of results or inferences from the truth, or processes leading to such deviation. Bias can result from several sources: one-sided or systematic variations in measurement from the true value (systematic error); flaws in study design; deviation of inferences, interpretations, or analyses based on flawed data or data collection; etc. There is no sense of prejudice or subjectivity implied in the assessment of bias under these conditions.
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Aggregation Bias
Bias, Aggregation
Bias, Ecological
Bias, Epidemiologic
Bias, Statistical
Bias, Systematic
Biases, Ecological
Biases, Statistical
Ecological Bias
Ecological Biases
Ecological Fallacies
Ecological Fallacy
Epidemiologic Biases
Experimental Bias
Fallacies, Ecological
Fallacy, Ecological
Outcome Measurement Errors
Scientific Bias
Statistical Bias
Statistical Biases
Systematic Bias
Truncation Bias
Truncation Biases
Previous Indexing
Epidemiologic Methods (1966-1989)
Research Design (1972-1989)
Risk (1966-1989)
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2018; was Research 1987-1989
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use RESEARCH to search BIAS (EPIDEMIOLOGY) 1987-89
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2018(1990); use Research 1987-1989
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Systematic Bias Narrower
Outcome Measurement Errors Narrower
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Biases, Statistical Narrower
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Bias, Aggregation Narrower
Experimental Bias Broader
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