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Patch-Clamp Techniques
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a cytol technique for removing a tiny patch of plasma membrane; NIM
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An electrophysiologic technique for studying cells, cell membranes, and occasionally isolated organelles. All patch-clamp methods rely on a very high-resistance seal between a micropipette and a membrane; the seal is usually attained by gentle suction. The four most common variants include on-cell patch, inside-out patch, outside-out patch, and whole-cell clamp. Patch-clamp methods are commonly used to voltage clamp, that is control the voltage across the membrane and measure current flow, but current-clamp methods, in which the current is controlled and the voltage is measured, are also used.
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Patch Clamp Technique
Patch-Clamp Technic
Patch-Clamp Technics
Patch-Clamp Technique
Voltage-Clamp Technic
Voltage-Clamp Technics
Voltage-Clamp Technique
Voltage-Clamp Techniques
Whole-Cell Recording
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QY 95
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Electrophysiology (1975-1994)
Ion Channels (1978-1994)
Membrane Potentials (1975-1994)
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