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Managed Competition
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restrict to health insurance; do not confuse with MANAGED CARE PROGRAMS
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A strategy for purchasing health care in a manner which will obtain maximum value for the price for the purchasers of the health care and the recipients. The concept was developed primarily by Alain Enthoven of Stanford University and promulgated by the Jackson Hole Group. The strategy depends on sponsors for groups of the population to be insured. The sponsor, in some cases a health alliance, acts as an intermediary between the group and competing provider groups (accountable health plans). The competition is price-based among annual premiums for a defined, standardized benefit package. (From Slee and Slee, Health Care Reform Terms, 1993)
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Accountable Health Plans
Competition, Managed
Health Plans, Accountable
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Economic Competition (1992-1995)
Insurance, Health (1992-1995)
Managed Care Programs (1992-1995)
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Managed Competition Preferred
Health Plans, Accountable Related
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