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Epithelial Cells
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coordinate with specific tissue type if pertinent; do not confuse with EPITHELIOID CELLS (type of macrophage)
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Cells that line the inner and outer surfaces of the body by forming cellular layers (EPITHELIUM) or masses. Epithelial cells lining the SKIN; the MOUTH; the NOSE; and the ANAL CANAL derive from ectoderm; those lining the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM and the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM derive from endoderm; others (CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM and LYMPHATIC SYSTEM) derive from mesoderm. Epithelial cells can be classified mainly by cell shape and function into squamous, glandular and transitional epithelial cells.
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Adenomatous Epithelial Cells
Columnar Glandular Epithelial Cells
Cuboidal Glandular Epithelial Cells
Glandular Epithelial Cells
Squamous Cells
Squamous Epithelial Cells
Transitional Epithelial Cells
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QS 532.5.E7
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Epithelial Cells (1966-1977)
Epithelium/cytology (1978-1997)
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1998, 1972-1977
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