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Formate Dehydrogenases
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Flavoproteins that catalyze reversibly the reduction of carbon dioxide to formate. Many compounds can act as acceptors, but the only physiologically active acceptor is NAD. The enzymes are active in the fermentation of sugars and other compounds to carbon dioxide and are the key enzymes in obtaining energy when bacteria are grown on formate as the main carbon source. They have been purified from bovine blood. EC
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Formate Dehydrogenase
Formate Hydrogenlyases
NAD-Formate Dehydrogenase
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Formate:NAD+ oxidoreductase
Previous Indexing
Aldehyde Oxidoreductases (1973-1979)
Formates (1966-1967)
Formic Acids (1968-1979)
Oxidoreductases (1966-1972)
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91; was see under ALDEHYDE OXIDOREDUCTASES 1980-90
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91(80); was see under ALDEHYDE OXIDOREDUCTASES 1980-90
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Formate Dehydrogenases Preferred
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