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Cytochromes b5 MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Cytochromes b5
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spell in titles & translations with lowercase b: cytochrome b5
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Cytochromes of the b group that are found bound to cytoplasmic side of ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM. They serve as electron carrier proteins for a variety of membrane-bound OXYGENASES. They are reduced by the enzyme CYTOCHROME-B(5) REDUCTASE.
Entry Term(s)
Apocytochrome b5
Cytochrome b-5
Cytochrome b5
Ferricytochrome b5
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Cytochrome b5
Previous Indexing
Cytochrome b (1983-1989)
Cytochromes (1966-1982)
Public MeSH Note
2004; see CYTOCHROME B5 1990-2003; APOCYTOCHROME B5 was indexed under CYTOCROME B & APOPROTEINS 1983-2003, under CYTOCHROMES 1979-1982
History Note
2004(1990); for APOCYTOCHROME B5 use CYTOCHROMES B (NM) 1980-2003
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Cytochromes b5 Preferred
Apocytochrome b5 Narrower
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