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Myosin Subfragments MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Myosin Subfragments
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Parts of the myosin molecule resulting from cleavage by proteolytic enzymes (PAPAIN; TRYPSIN; or CHYMOTRYPSIN) at well-localized regions. Study of these isolated fragments helps to delineate the functional roles of different parts of myosin. Two of the most common subfragments are myosin S-1 and myosin S-2. S-1 contains the heads of the heavy chains plus the light chains and S-2 contains part of the double-stranded, alpha-helical, heavy chain tail (myosin rod).
Entry Term(s)
ATPase, Actin-S1
Actin S1 ATPase
Actoheavy Meromyosin
Actomyosin Subfragment 1 ATPase
Actomyosin Subfragments
Heavy Meromyosin
Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment-1
Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment-2
Light Meromyosin
Meromyosin Subfragments
Myosin Rod
Myosin S-1
Myosin S-2
Myosin Subfragment-1
Myosin Subfragment-2
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Muscle Proteins (1966-1970)
Myosin (1966-1989)
Peptide Fragments (1974-1989)
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90; MEROMYOSINS was heading 1974-90
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use MYOSIN SUBFRAGMENTS to search MEROMYOSINS 1971-90 (as Prov 1971-73)
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90; MEROMYOSINS was heading 1971-90 (Prov 1971-73)
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Myosin Subfragments Preferred
Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment-2 Narrower
Light Meromyosin Narrower
Heavy Meromyosin Narrower
Actoheavy Meromyosin Narrower
Actomyosin Subfragments Related
Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment-1 Narrower
Meromyosin Subfragments Narrower
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