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SUMO-1 Protein MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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SUMO-1 Protein
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A 1.5-kDa small ubiquitin-related modifier protein that can covalently bind via an isopeptide link to a number of cellular proteins. It may play a role in intracellular protein transport and a number of other cellular processes.
Entry Term(s)
Gap-modifying Protein 1
PIC 1 Protein
PIC1 Protein
PML-Interacting Clone Protein
Protein GMP1
SMT3C Protein
SUMO Protein
Sentrin 1
UBL1 Protein
Ubiquitin-like 1 Gene Product
Previous Indexing
Ubiquitins (1996-2001)
Public MeSH Note
2002; PIC 1 PROTEIN (now SUMO-1 PROTEIN) was indexed under UBIQUITIN 1996-2001
History Note
2002; use SUMO-1 PROTEIN (NM) 1996-2001
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SUMO-1 Protein Preferred
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