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Double Effect Principle
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note category; use only in the context of ethics
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Guideline for determining when it is morally permissible to perform an action to pursue a good end with knowledge that the action will also bring about bad results. It generally states that, in cases where a contemplated action has such double effect, the action is permissible only if: it is not wrong in itself; the bad result is not intended; the good result is not a direct causal result of the bad result; and the good result is proportionate to the bad result. (from Solomon, Double Effect, in Becker, The Encyclopedia of Ethics, 1992)
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Doctrine of Double Effect
Double Effect Doctrine
Double Effect Rule
Principle of Double Effect
Rule of Double Effect
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Ethics (1979-2002)
Ethics, Medical (1997-2002)
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2009; see DOUBLE EFFECT 2003-2008; see ETHICS 2002
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2009 (2003); use ETHICS 2002
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