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Absorbent Pads
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Pads made of various materials used for personal hygiene usually for absorbing URINE or FECES. They can be worn as underpants or pants liners by various age groups, from NEWBORNS to the ELDERLY. Absorbent pads can be made of fluff wood pulp and HYDROGEL absorbent covered with viscose rayon, polyester, polypropylene, or POLYETHYLENE coverstock.
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Pants Liners
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Bedding and Linens (1988-1991)
Incontinence Pads (1992-2002)
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2003; see INCONTINENCE PADS 1992-2002
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2003; use INCONTINENCE PADS 1992-2002
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Absorbent Pads Preferred
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Pants Liners Narrower
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