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Forensic Ballistics MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Forensic Ballistics
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The science of studying projectiles in motion, ballistics, being applied to law. Ballistics on firearm projectiles, such as bullets, include the study of what happens inside the weapon, during the flight of the projectile, and when the projectile strikes the target, such as body tissue.
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Ballistics, Wound
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W 843
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Wounds, Gunshot (1966-2003)
See Also
Wounds, Gunshot
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2004; for BALLISTICS, WOUND use WOUNDS, GUNSHOT 1987-2003
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2004; for BALLISTICS, WOUND see WOUNDS, GUNSHOT 1987-2003
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Forensic Ballistics Preferred
Ballistics Broader
Ballistics, Wound Narrower
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