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Chromogranin A
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A type of chromogranin which was first isolated from CHROMAFFIN CELLS of the ADRENAL MEDULLA but is also found in other tissues and in many species including human, bovine, rat, mouse, and others. It is an acidic protein with 431 to 445 amino acid residues. It contains fragments that inhibit vasoconstriction or release of hormones and neurotransmitter, while other fragments exert antimicrobial actions.
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CHGA Protein
Parathyroid Secretory Protein
Secretory Protein I, Parathyroid Gland
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Adrenal Medulla (1968-2003)
Chromogranins (1973-2006)
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2007; CHROMOGRANIN A was indexed under CHROMOGRANINS 1981-2006
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2007 (1981)
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