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Spike Glycoprotein, Coronavirus MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Spike Glycoprotein, Coronavirus
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A class I viral fusion protein that forms the characteristic spikes, or peplomers, found on the viral surface that mediate virus attachment, fusion, and entry into the host cell. During virus maturation, it is cleaved into two subunits: S1, which binds to receptors in the host cell, and S2, which mediates membrane fusion.
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E2 Spike Glycoprotein, Coronavirus
Glycoprotein S, Coronavirus
Spike Glycoprotein S1, Coronavirus
Spike Glycoprotein, Bovine Coronavirus
Spike Glycoproteins, Coronavirus
Spike Protein S2, Coronavirus
Spike Protein, Coronavirus
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Membrane Glycoproteins (1991-2013)
Viral Envelope Proteins (1983-2013)
Viral Proteins (1979-1982)
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2014; was indexed under MEMBRANE GLYCOPROTEINS 1991-2013 and VIRAL ENVELOPE PROTEINS 1991-2013
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Spike Glycoprotein, Coronavirus Preferred
Spike Glycoprotein S1, Coronavirus Narrower
Spike Glycoprotein, Bovine Coronavirus Narrower
Spike Protein S2, Coronavirus Narrower
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