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Internal Hernia
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A protrusion of an internal abdominal organ through a hole in an anatomical structure such as a muscle or a membrane. For instance, in paraduodenal hernia the SMALL INTESTINE herniates through an opening in the MESENTERIES. It includes intra-abdominal and diaphragmatic hernias. In abdominal hernia a protrusion occurs through a weak spot in the muscle of the ABDOMINAL WALL.
Entry Term(s)
Broad Ligament Hernia
Foramen of Winslow Hernia
Intersigmoid Hernia
Intra Abdominal Hernia
Intra-abdominal Hernia
Intramesenteric Hernia
Lesser Sac Hernia
Paracaecal Hernia
Paracecal Herniation
Pelvic Internal Hernia
Pericaecal Hernia
Pericaecal Herniation
Pericaecal Internal Herniation
Pericecal Hernia
Retrocecal Hernia
Sigmoid Mesocolon Hernia
Supravesical Hernia
Transmesenteric Hernia
Transmesosigmoid Hernia
Transomental Hernia
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Hernia (1963-2020)
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Internal Hernia Preferred
Foramen of Winslow Hernia Narrower
Paracecal Herniation Narrower
Intersigmoid Hernia Narrower
Retrocecal Hernia Narrower
Transmesenteric Hernia Narrower
Intramesenteric Hernia Narrower
Transomental Hernia Narrower
Supravesical Hernia Narrower
Broad Ligament Hernia Narrower
Transmesosigmoid Hernia Narrower
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