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Ear, External MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Ear, External
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/abnorm permitted for congenital deformities but acquired deformities = EAR DEFORMITIES, ACQUIRED; inflammation = OTITIS EXTERNA; ear acupuncture or auriculoacupuncture or otoacupuncture (acupuncture therapy with ear as pressure point) goes here (IM) + ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY (IM)
Scope Note
The outer part of the hearing system of the body. It includes the shell-like EAR AURICLE which collects sound, and the EXTERNAL EAR CANAL, the TYMPANIC MEMBRANE, and the EXTERNAL EAR CARTILAGES.
Entry Term(s)
External Ear
Outer Ear
Public MeSH Note
EAR, EXTERNAL, DEFORMITY was heading 1966-70
Online Note
use EAR /AB & EAR, EXTERNAL /AB & EAR DEFORMITIES, ACQUIRED to search EAR, EXTERNAL, DEFORMITY 1966-70; in searching non-acquired ear abnormalities consider EAR DEFORMITIES, ACQUIRED 1966-74
History Note
EAR, EXTERNAL, DEFORMITY was heading 1966-70
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Ear, External Preferred
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