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Geniculate Ganglion MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Geniculate Ganglion
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neoplasms: coordinate with CRANIAL NERVE NEOPLASMS + histological type of neoplasm
Scope Note
The sensory ganglion of the facial (7th cranial) nerve. The geniculate ganglion cells send central processes to the brain stem and peripheral processes to the taste buds in the anterior tongue, the soft palate, and the skin of the external auditory meatus and the mastoid process.
Entry Term(s)
External Petrosal Nerve
Geniculate Ganglia
Greater Petrosal Nerve
Greater Superficial Petrosal Nerve
Large Superficial Petrosal Nerve
Lesser Petrosal Nerve
Nerve of the Pterygoid Canal
Superficial Petrosal Nerve
Vidian Nerve
NLM Classification #
WL 330
Public MeSH Note
91; was see under FACIAL NERVE 1975-90
Online Note
search FACIAL NERVE 1966-74
History Note
91(75); was see under FACIAL NERVE 1975-90
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Geniculate Ganglion Preferred
Lesser Petrosal Nerve Narrower
External Petrosal Nerve Narrower
Greater Superficial Petrosal Nerve Narrower
Vidian Nerve Narrower
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