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Hypothalamus, Posterior
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diseases: coordinate IM with HYPOTHALAMIC DISEASES (IM)
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The part of the hypothalamus posterior to the middle region consisting of several nuclei including the medial maxillary nucleus, lateral mammillary nucleus, and posterior hypothalamic nucleus (posterior hypothalamic area). The posterior hypothalamic area is concerned with control of sympathetic responses and is sensitive to conditions of decreasing temperature and controls the mechanisms for the conservation and increased production of heat.
Entry Term(s)
Area Hypothalamica Posterior
Hypothalamic Region, Posterior
Hypothalamus Posterior
Mammillary Region
Posterior Hypothalamic Region
Posterior Hypothalamus
Posterior Periventricular Nucleus
Premammillary Nucleus
Supramammillary Commissure
Supramammillary Nucleus
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91; was see under HYPOTHALAMUS 1975-90
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91(75); was see under HYPOTHALAMUS 1975-90
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Hypothalamus, Posterior Preferred
Supramammillary Commissure Narrower
Premammillary Nucleus Narrower
Supramammillary Nucleus Narrower
Posterior Periventricular Nucleus Narrower
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