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Lewis Blood Group Antigens
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coordinate with disease /‌blood, not /‌immunol nor /‌genet
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Carbohydrate antigens structurally related to the ABH BLOOD-GROUP SYSTEM. They may occur as a modification of saccharide chains on glycolipids or glycoproteins on cell surfaces or in plasma, or as free oligosaccharides in secretions. Lewis antigens are not synthesized in blood cells. Instead Lewis glycolipids present in plasma are absorbed onto the surface of ERYTHROCYTES; LYMPHOCYTES; and PLATELETS. The phenotypes Le(a) and Le(b) are the result of the actions of two genes the Le gene (fucosyltransferase FUT3) and the Se gene (fucosyltransferase FUT2) on the precursor carbohydrate, glycolipid or glycoprotein. Other FUCOSYLTRANSFERASES can also synthesize the Lewis antigens.
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Blood Group Lewis Related Antigens
Le Antigens
Le(a) Blood Group System
Lewis Antigen Related Tumor-Associated Antigens
Lewis Antigens
Lewis Blood Group Related Antigens
Lewis Blood Group Related Tumor-Associated Antigens
Lewis Blood-Group System
Lewis Related Antigens
Lewis System
Sialyl Lewis Antigens
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2020; see LEWIS BLOOD GROUP SYSTEM 1974-2019
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2020 (1963)
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