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Palmitoyl-CoA Hydrolase MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Palmitoyl-CoA Hydrolase
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Enzyme catalyzing reversibly the hydrolysis of palmitoyl-CoA or other long-chain acyl coenzyme A compounds to yield CoA and palmitate or other acyl esters. The enzyme is involved in the esterification of fatty acids to form triglycerides. EC
Entry Term(s)
Acyl CoA Hydrolase
Fatty Acyl Thioesterase
Long-Chain Fatty-Acyl-CoA Hydrolase
Oleoyl-CoA Acylhydrolase
Palmitoyl CoA Deacylase
Palmitoyl Coenzyme A Hydrolase
Palmitoyl Thioesterase
Stearoyl CoA Hydrolase
Thioesterase I
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Palmitoyl-CoA hydrolase
Previous Indexing
Thiolester Hydrolases (1973-1977)
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91; was see under THIOLESTER HYDROLASES 1978-90
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91(78); was see under THIOLESTER HYDROLASES 1978-90
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Palmitoyl-CoA Hydrolase Preferred
Acyl CoA Hydrolase Broader
Thioesterase I Narrower
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