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Paranasal Sinuses MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Paranasal Sinuses
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general, prefer specifics; inflammation = SINUSITIS but do not add PARANASAL SINUSES for "paranasal" or "nasal" sinusitis
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Air-filled spaces located within the bones around the NASAL CAVITY. They are extensions of the nasal cavity and lined by the ciliated NASAL MUCOSA. Each sinus is named for the cranial bone in which it is located, such as the ETHMOID SINUS; the FRONTAL SINUS; the MAXILLARY SINUS; and the SPHENOID SINUS.
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Nasal Sinuses
Osteomeatal Complex
Ostiomeatal Complex
Ostiomeatal Unit
Sinonasal Tract
Supraorbital Ethmoid Cell
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Paranasal Sinuses Preferred
Ostiomeatal Complex Related
Sinonasal Tract Related
Supraorbital Ethmoid Cell Narrower
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