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Aggressive Periodontitis MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Aggressive Periodontitis
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do not confuse entry term PERIODONTOSIS with "periodontosis" seen in foreign lit, meaning "periodontal disease" and indexed under PERIODONTAL DISEASES
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Inflammation and loss of PERIODONTIUM that is characterized by rapid attachment loss and bone destruction in the presence of little local factors such as DENTAL PLAQUE and DENTAL CALCULUS. This highly destructive form of periodontitis often occurs in young people and was called early-onset periodontitis, but this disease also appears in old people.
Entry Term(s)
Early-Onset Periodontitis
Juvenile Periodontitis
Periodontitis, Aggressive, 1
Periodontitis, Circumpubertal
Periodontitis, Juvenile
Periodontitis, Prepubertal
Prepubertal Periodontitis
Previous Indexing
Periodontal Diseases (1966-1983)
Public MeSH Note
2009; see PERIODONTITIS, JUVENILE 1997-2008, see PERIODONTOSIS 1984-1996, see PERIODONTAL DISEASES 1966-1983
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2009 (1997); use PERIODONTOSIS 1984-1996, use PERIODONTAL DISEASES 1966-1983
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Aggressive Periodontitis Preferred
Periodontosis Narrower
Periodontitis, Aggressive, 1 Narrower
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