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Relapsing Fever
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not for "recurrent fever" [= FEVER + RECURRENCE (NIM)]; infections by Borrelia species other than B. burgdorferi or B. burgdorferi group (which cause LYME DISEASE) probably go here, otherwise index under BORRELIA INFECTIONS
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An acute infection characterized by recurrent episodes of PYREXIA alternating with asymptomatic intervals of apparent recovery. This condition is caused by SPIROCHETES of the genus BORRELIA. It is transmitted by the BITES of either the body louse (PEDICULUS humanus corporis), for which humans are the reservoir, or by soft ticks of the genus ORNITHODOROS, for which rodents and other animals are the principal reservoirs.
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Borrelia hermsii Infection
Borrelia recurrentis Infection
Louse-borne Relapsing Fever
Tick-borne Relapsing Fever
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WC 410
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Relapsing Fever Preferred
Borrelia recurrentis Infection Narrower
Borrelia hermsii Infection Narrower
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