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Sinoatrial Node
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The small mass of modified cardiac muscle fibers located at the junction of the superior vena cava (VENA CAVA, SUPERIOR) and right atrium. Contraction impulses probably start in this node, spread over the atrium (HEART ATRIUM) and are then transmitted by the atrioventricular bundle (BUNDLE OF HIS) to the ventricle (HEART VENTRICLE).
Entry Term(s)
Sino-Atrial Node
Sinu-Atrial Node
Sinuatrial Node
Sinus Node
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78; was SINO-ATRIAL NODE 1970-77
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use SINOATRIAL NODE to search SINO-ATRIAL NODE 1966-77 (as Prov 1966-69)
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78; was SINO-ATRIAL NODE 1964-77 (Prov 1964-69)
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