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Illicit Drugs
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coordinate with specific drug or chemical
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Drugs that are manufactured, obtained, or sold illegally. They include prescription drugs obtained or sold without prescription and non-prescription drugs. Illicit drugs are widely distributed, tend to be grossly impure and may cause unexpected toxicity.
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Club Drug
Club Drugs
Drugs, Illegal
Illegal Drug
Illegal Drugs
Illicit Drug
Recreational Drug
Recreational Drugs
Street Drug
Street Drugs
Previous Indexing
Drug and Narcotic Control (1968-1976)
Substance Abuse (1968-1976)
See Also
Designer Drugs
Substance-Related Disorders
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2020 (1977); see DRUGS 1977-1986; STREET DRUGS 1987-2018
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2020 (1977); use DRUGS 1977-1986
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Illicit Drugs Preferred
Street Drugs Narrower
Recreational Drugs Related
Club Drugs Related
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