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Sweating, Gustatory
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An autonomic disorder characterized by excessive sweating of the forehead, upper lip, perioral region, or sternum subsequent to gustatory stimuli. The auriculotemporal syndrome features facial flushing or sweating limited to the distribution of the auriculotemporal nerve and may develop after trauma to the parotid gland, in association with PAROTID NEOPLASMS, or following their surgical removal. (From Ann Neurol 1997 Dec;42(6):973-5)
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Auriculotemporal Nerve Syndrome
Auriculotemporal Syndrome
Baillarger Syndrome
Frey Syndrome
Frey's Syndrome
Gustatory Sweating
Hyperhidrosis, Gustatory
Salivosudoriparous Syndrome
von Frey Syndrome
von Frey's Syndrome
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use SWEATING, GUSTATORY to search FREY'S SYNDROME 1966-73 (as Prov)
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74; was FREY'S SYNDROME 1965-73 (Prov)
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Sweating, Gustatory Preferred
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