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Leishmaniasis, Cutaneous
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coordinate with NEGLECTED DISEASES if pertinent; LEISHMANIASIS, DIFFUSE CUTANEOUS & LEISHMANIASIS, MUCOCUTANEOUS are also available; tegumentary leishmaniasis goes here
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An endemic disease that is characterized by the development of single or multiple localized lesions on exposed areas of skin that typically ulcerate. The disease has been divided into Old and New World forms. Old World leishmaniasis is separated into three distinct types according to epidemiology and clinical manifestations and is caused by species of the L. tropica and L. aethiopica complexes as well as by species of the L. major genus. New World leishmaniasis, also called American leishmaniasis, occurs in South and Central America and is caused by species of the L. mexicana or L. braziliensis complexes.
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Leishmaniasis, American
Leishmaniasis, New World
Leishmaniasis, Old World
Oriental Sore
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WR 350
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Leishmaniasis (1966-1991)
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1992; see LEISHMANIASIS 1979-1991; for ORIENTAL SORE see LEISHMANIASIS 1979-1991
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1992; use LEISHMANIASIS 1979-1991; for ORIENTAL SORE use LEISHMANIASIS 1979-1991, use LEISHMANIASIS 1963-78
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