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Integrin beta1
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Integrin beta chain expressed as a heterodimer that is non-covalently associated with specific alpha-chains of the CD49 family (CD49a-f). It is expressed on resting and activated leukocytes and is a marker for all of the very late activation antigens on cells. (from: Barclay et al., The Leukocyte Antigen FactsBook, 1993, p164)
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4B4 Antigen
Antigens, CD29
CD29 Antigen
CD29 Antigens
CDw29 Antigen
beta1 Integrin
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Antigens, CD (1990-1995)
Integrins (1990-1995)
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Receptors, Fibronectin
Receptors, Very Late Antigen
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2018; see ANTIGENS, CD29 1996-2017; INTEGRIN BETA1 was indexed under INTEGRINS 1991-95; CD29 ANTIGEN was indexed under ANTIGENS, CD and INTEGRINS 1990-95; and under ANTIGENS, DIFFERENTIATION 1990-91; CDW29 ANTIGEN was indexed under ANTIGENS, CD 1990-95; and under ANTIGENS, DIFFERENTIATION 1988-91
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2018 (1990); use ANTIGENS, CD29 1996-2017; use INTEGRIN BETA1 1991-95; use CD29 ANTIGEN 1990-95; use CDW29 ANTIGEN (NM) 1988-95
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