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Epilepsy, Partial, Sensory MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Epilepsy, Partial, Sensory
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A disorder characterized by recurrent focal onset seizures which have sensory (i.e., olfactory, visual, tactile, gustatory, or auditory) manifestations. Partial seizures that feature alterations of consciousness are referred to as complex partial seizures (EPILEPSY, COMPLEX PARTIAL).
Entry Term(s)
Focal Seizure Disorder, Sensory
Focal Sensory Seizure
Gustatory Partial Seizure
Olfactory Partial Seizure
Partial Epilepsy, Sensory
Partial Sensory Seizure
Seizure Disorder, Partial, Sensory
Seizure Disorder, Sensory
Seizure Disorder, Sensory, Focal
Seizures, Simple Partial, Special Sensory Symptoms
Sensory Epilepsy
Sensory Focal Seizure Disorder
Sensory Partial Seizure Disorder
Sensory Seizure Disorder
Simple Partial Seizures, Special Sensory Symptoms
Vertiginous Partial Seizure
Visual Partial Seizure
Previous Indexing
Epilepsies, Partial (1977-1999)
Epilepsy (1966-1976)
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Epilepsy, Partial, Sensory Preferred
Seizures, Simple Partial, Special Sensory Symptoms Narrower
Sensory Epilepsy Related
Focal Sensory Seizure Narrower
Visual Partial Seizure Narrower
Gustatory Partial Seizure Narrower
Olfactory Partial Seizure Narrower
Vertiginous Partial Seizure Narrower
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