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Collagen Type VIII MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Collagen Type VIII
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precursors: coord IM with PROCOLLAGEN (IM)
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A non-fibrillar collagen originally found in DESCEMET MEMBRANE. It is expressed in endothelial cell layers and in tissues undergoing active remodeling. It is heterotrimer comprised of alpha1(VIII) and alpha2(VIII) chains.
Entry Term(s)
Collagen Type-VIII, alpha1 Chain
Collagen Type-VIII, alpha1 Subunit
Collagen alpha1(VIII)
Procollagen Type VIII
Type VIII Collagen
Type VIII Procollagen
Previous Indexing
Collagen (1985-2001)
Public MeSH Note
2002; see COLLAGEN 1985-2001
History Note
2002; use COLLAGEN 1985-2001
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Collagen Type VIII Preferred
Collagen Type-VIII, alpha1 Subunit Narrower
Type VIII Procollagen Narrower
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