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Collagen Type VII MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Collagen Type VII
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precursors: coord IM with PROCOLLAGEN (IM)
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A non-fibrillar collagen involved in anchoring the epidermal BASEMENT MEMBRANE to underlying tissue. It is a homotrimer comprised of C-terminal and N-terminal globular domains connected by a central triple-helical region.
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Collagen Type VII, alpha1 Chain
Collagen Type VII, alpha1 Subunit
Collagen alpha1(VII)
Procollagen Type VII
Type VII Collagen
Type VII Procollagen
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Collagen (1990-2001)
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2002; see COLLAGEN 1990-2001
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2002; use COLLAGEN 1990-2001
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Collagen Type VII Preferred
Collagen Type VII, alpha1 Subunit Narrower
Procollagen Type VII Narrower
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