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Mink enteritis virus MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Mink enteritis virus
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infection in mink = MINK VIRAL ENTERITIS; infection in cats: coordinate with FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA (IM); infection in dogs: coordinate with PARVOVIRIDAE INFECTIONS (IM)
Scope Note
A species of the genus PARVOVIRUS and a host range variant of FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA VIRUS. It causes a highly contagious inflammatory gastroenteritis (MINK VIRAL ENTERITIS). In addition to mink, this virus can also infect cats and dogs.
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Infectious Enteritis Virus of Mink
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Parvoviridae (1977-2006)
Public MeSH Note
2007; see PARVOVIRUS 2002-2006, see PARVOVIRUS, FELINE 1994-2001, see FELINE INFECTIOUS ENTERITIS VIRUS 1991-1993, see PARVOVIRIDAE 1981-1990, see PARVOVIRUSES 1975-1980
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2007; use PARVOVIRUS 2002-2006, use FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA VIRUS 1991-2001, use PARVOVIRIDAE 1975 -1990
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Mink enteritis virus Preferred
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