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Lasers, Gas
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/ther use: coordinate IM with disease /‌surg (IM), but for low-level laser therapy coordinate / ther use IM with disease /‌radiother (IM) + LOW-LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY (IM)
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Lasers in which a gas lasing medium is stimulated to emit light by an electric current or high-frequency oscillator.
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Argon Ion Lasers
CO2 Lasers
Carbon Dioxide Lasers
Copper Vapor Lasers
Gas Lasers
Gold Vapor Lasers
HeNe Lasers
Helium Lasers
Helium Neon Gas Lasers
Lasers, Argon Ion
Lasers, CO2
Lasers, Carbon Dioxide
Lasers, Copper Vapor
Lasers, Gold Vapor
Lasers, Helium
Lasers, Helium Neon Gas
Lasers, Metal Vapor
Lasers, Nitrogen
Lasers, Xenon Ion
Metal Vapor Lasers
Nitrogen Lasers
Xenon Ion Lasers
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Lasers (1966-2007)
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Lasers, Gas Preferred
Carbon Dioxide Lasers Narrower
Helium Neon Gas Lasers Narrower
Xenon Ion Lasers Narrower
Helium Lasers Narrower
Nitrogen Lasers Narrower
Argon Ion Lasers Narrower
Metal Vapor Lasers Narrower
Gold Vapor Lasers Narrower
Copper Vapor Lasers Narrower
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