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Type VII Secretion Systems
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Bacterial secretion systems found in bacteria that have a MYCOLIC ACID-containing outer membrane such as MYCOBACTERIACEAE; Corynebacteriaceae; and NOCARDIACEAE. These are also known as ESX secretion systems because the first to be discovered is involved in secreting major virulence factors EsxA and EsxB. There are several subtypes of T7SSs including ESX-1, ESX-2, ESX-3, ESX-4, and ESX-5 secretion systems. The subtypes share some core components including an inner membrane channel-forming ATPase complex, a membrane-anchored mycosin, and a second channel that spans the outer mycolic acid-containing membrane.
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ESX Secretion System
ESX Secretion Systems
Secretion Systems, ESX
Secretion Systems, Type 7
Secretion Systems, Type VII
T7SS Secretion System
Type 7 Secretion System
Type 7 Secretion Systems
Type VII Secretion System
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Bacterial Secretion Systems (2010-2015)
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