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SEC Translocation Channels MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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SEC Translocation Channels
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Universally conserved multiprotein complexes that form the protein transport channel of the general secretory (SEC) pathway. The SEC translocase is present in all bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes. It is in the ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM membrane of eukaryotic cells, in the THYLAKOID MEMBRANE in CHLOROPLASTS and in some protozoa in the INNER MITOCHONDRIAL MEMBRANE.
Entry Term(s)
SEC Complexes
SEC Translocase
SEC Translocation Channel
SEC Translocon
SEC Translocons
SEC61 Protein
SEC61 Proteins
SEC61 Translocase
SEC61 Translocation Channel
SEC61 Translocation Channels
SEC61 Translocon
Sec Protein Translocation System
Sec Protein Translocation Systems
Sec61 Complex
Sec61 Protein Translocation System
SecY Translocase
SecYEG Complex
SecYEG Complexes
SecYEG Protein
SecYEG Protein Translocation System
SecYEG Proteins
SecYEG Translocation Channel
SecYEG Translocation Channels
SecYEG Translocon
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Membrane Transport Proteins (1999-2016)
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2017; SEC61 PROTEIN was indexed under SEC TRANSLOCATION CHANNELS 2016-2017 and MEMBRANE PROTEINS 1992-2016
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