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Immunoglobulin Domains
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Compact globular protein domains of about 80 to 110 amino acids.They are characterized by two antiparallel beta sheets stabilized by HYDROPHOBIC INTERACTIONS and disulfide bonds between opposing strands. Three major subtypes of Ig domains are recognized: variable (V), intermediate (I), and constant (C1 or C2). Members of the immunoglobulin superfamily include ANTIGEN RECEPTORS; CYTOKINE RECEPTORS; and CELL ADHESION MOLECULES which possess immunoglobulin domains.
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Ig C2-set Domain
Ig Domain
Ig Domains
Ig Fold
Ig V-set Domain
Ig-like Domain
Immunoglobulin C1-set Domain
Immunoglobulin C2-set Domain
Immunoglobulin Domain
Immunoglobulin I-set Domain
Immunoglobulin V-set Domain
Immunoglobulin-like Domain
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Immunoglobulins (1976-2016)
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Immunoglobulin Constant Regions
Immunoglobulin Variable Region
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Immunoglobulin Domains Preferred
Immunoglobulin V-set Domain Narrower
Immunoglobulin C1-set Domain Narrower
Immunoglobulin C2-set Domain Narrower
Immunoglobulin I-set Domain Narrower
Immunoglobulin-like Domain Related
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