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Insular Cortex
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A pyramidal shaped region of cerebral cortex located deep below the lateral fissure in PRIMATES. It is surrounded by the SUPERIOR TEMPORAL GYRUS, the rostral PARIETAL LOBE, the INFERIOR FRONTAL GYRUS and the ORBITAL GYRI. It is the primary gustatory cortex and is involved in sensorimotor and somatosensory as well as socioemotional functions.
Entry Term(s)
Brodmann Area 13
Brodmann Area 14
Brodmann Area 15
Brodmann Area 16
Brodmann Area 43
Brodmann's Area 13
Brodmann's Area 14
Brodmann's Area 15
Brodmann's Area 16
Brodmann's Area 43
Central Lobe
Gustatory Cortex
Insula of Reil
Insular Gyrus
Insular Region
Lobus Insularis
Opercular Cortex
Primary Gustatory Cortex
Visceral Cortex
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2022; see CEREBRAL CORTEX 1979-2021
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Insular Cortex Preferred
Opercular Cortex Narrower
Primary Gustatory Cortex Narrower
Brodmann Area 14 Narrower
Visceral Cortex Related
Brodmann Area 16 Narrower
Brodmann Area 13 Narrower
Gustatory Cortex Related
Brodmann Area 15 Narrower
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