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Adjustment Disorders
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Maladaptive reactions to identifiable psychosocial stressors occurring within a short time after onset of the stressor. They are manifested by either impairment in social or occupational functioning or by symptoms (depression, anxiety, etc.) that are in excess of a normal and expected reaction to the stressor.
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Adjustment Disorder
Anniversary Reaction
Depression, Reactive
Reactive Disorders
Transient Situational Disturbance
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WM 172.6
See Also
Emotional Adjustment
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81; was DEPRESSION, REACTIVE 1969-80
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use ADJUSTMENT DISORDERS to search DEPRESSION, REACTIVE 1966-80 (as Prov 1966-68)
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81; was DEPRESSION, REACTIVE 1966-80 (Prov 1966-68)
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Adjustment Disorders Preferred
Depression, Reactive Narrower
Anniversary Reaction Narrower
Transient Situational Disturbance Narrower
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