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Aphasia, Wernicke
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do not confuse with APHASIA, BROCA where subject understands language but cannot express it
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Impairment in the comprehension of speech and meaning of words, both spoken and written, and of the meanings conveyed by their grammatical relationships in sentences. It is caused by lesions that primarily affect Wernicke's area, which lies in the posterior perisylvian region of the temporal lobe of the dominant hemisphere. (From Brain & Bannister, Clinical Neurology, 7th ed, p141; Kandel et al., Principles of Neural Science, 3d ed, p846)
Entry Term(s)
Aphasia, Fluent
Aphasia, Jargon
Aphasia, Posterior
Aphasia, Psychosensory
Dysphasia, Fluent
Dysphasia, Receptive
Dysphasia, Sensory
Dysphasia, Wernicke
Dysphasia, Wernicke's
Fluent Aphasia, Wernicke's
Receptive Aphasia
Sensory Aphasia
Wernicke Aphasia
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Aphasia (1966-1979)
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1991; see APHASIA 1980-1990
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Aphasia, Wernicke Preferred
Aphasia, Posterior Broader
Receptive Aphasia Broader
Aphasia, Jargon Related
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