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Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction
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Functional obstruction of the COLON leading to MEGACOLON in the absence of obvious COLONIC DISEASES or mechanical obstruction. When this condition is acquired, acute, and coexisting with another medical condition (trauma, surgery, serious injuries or illness, or medication), it is called Ogilvie's syndrome.
Entry Term(s)
Ogilvie Disease
Ogilvie Syndrome
Ogilvie's Syndrome
Pseudo-Obstruction, Colonic
Pseudoobstruction, Colonic
Previous Indexing
Colonic Diseases (1966-1986)
Intestinal Obstruction (1966-1986)
Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction, Idiopathic (1981-1986)
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91; was see under INTESTINAL PSEUDO-OBSTRUCTION 1987-90
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91(87); was see under INTESTINAL PSEUDO-OBSTRUCTION 1987-90
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Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction Preferred
Ogilvie Syndrome Narrower
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