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Epilepsy, Absence
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note entry term PETIT MAL EPILEPSY: do not confuse with PETIT MAL STATUS see STATUS EPILEPTICUS
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A seizure disorder usually occurring in childhood characterized by rhythmic electrical brain discharges of generalized onset. Clinical features include a sudden cessation of ongoing activity usually without loss of postural tone. Rhythmic blinking of the eyelids or lip smacking frequently accompanies the SEIZURES. The usual duration is 5-10 seconds, and multiple episodes may occur daily. Juvenile absence epilepsy is characterized by the juvenile onset of absence seizures and an increased incidence of myoclonus and tonic-clonic seizures. (Menkes, Textbook of Child Neurology, 5th ed, p736)
Entry Term(s)
Absence Seizure Disorder
Akinetic Petit Mal
Childhood Absence Epilepsy
Epilepsy Juvenile Absence
Epilepsy, Absence, Atypical
Epilepsy, Minor
Epilepsy, Petit Mal
Juvenile Absence Epilepsy
Petit Mal Epilepsy
Seizure Disorder, Absence
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WL 385
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1992; was EPILEPSY, PETIT MAL 1963-1991
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1992; was EPILEPSY, PETIT MAL 1963-1991
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Epilepsy, Absence Preferred
Epilepsy, Absence, Atypical Narrower
Akinetic Petit Mal Narrower
Juvenile Absence Epilepsy Narrower
Epilepsy, Minor Narrower
Absence Seizure Disorder Broader
Childhood Absence Epilepsy Narrower
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