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Fractures, Closed MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Fractures, Closed
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fract not causing an open wound; IM; coord with precoord organ/fract term (IM), as "closed fract of tibia" = FRACTURES, CLOSED (IM) + TIBIAL FRACTURES (IM); if no precoord organ/fract term is available, coord IM with organ /‌inj (IM), as "closed fract of fibula" = FRACTURES, CLOSED (IM) + FIBULA /‌inj (IM)
Scope Note
Fractures in which the break in bone is not accompanied by an external wound.
Entry Term(s)
Fractures, Occult
See Also
Closed Fracture Reduction
Public MeSH Note
86; was see under FRACTURES 1975-85
History Note
86(73); was see under FRACTURES 1975-85, was Prov 1973-74
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Fractures, Closed Preferred
Fractures, Occult Narrower
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