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Glomus Tumor
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A blue-red, extremely painful vascular neoplasm involving a glomeriform arteriovenous anastomosis (glomus body), which may be found anywhere in the skin, most often in the distal portion of the fingers and toes, especially beneath the nail. It is composed of specialized pericytes (sometimes termed glomus cells), usually in single encapsulated nodular masses which may be several millimeters in diameter (From Stedman, 27th ed). CHEMODECTOMA, a tumor of NEURAL CREST origin, is also sometimes called a glomus tumor.
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Paraganglioma, Extra-Adrenal
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94; was GLOMANGIOMA 1963-93
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use GLOMUS TUMOR to search GLOMANGIOMA 1966-93
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94; was GLOMANGIOMA 1963-93
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Glomus Tumor Preferred
Glomangioma Related
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