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Motor Cortex
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Area of the FRONTAL LOBE concerned with primary motor control located in the dorsal PRECENTRAL GYRUS immediately anterior to the central sulcus. It is comprised of three areas: the primary motor cortex located on the anterior paracentral lobule on the medial surface of the brain; the premotor cortex located anterior to the primary motor cortex; and the supplementary motor area located on the midline surface of the hemisphere anterior to the primary motor cortex.
Entry Term(s)
Anterior Central Gyrus
Brodmann Area 4
Brodmann Area 6
Brodmann's Area 4
Brodmann's Area 6
Gyrus Precentralis
Motor Area
Motor Strip
Precentral Gyrus
Precentral Motor Area
Precentral Motor Cortex
Premotor Area
Premotor Cortex
Premotor Cortex and Supplementary Motor Cortex
Premotor and Supplementary Motor Cortices
Primary Motor Area
Primary Motor Cortex
Secondary Motor Areas
Secondary Motor Cortex
Somatic Motor Areas
Somatomotor Areas
Supplementary Motor Area
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WL 307
Previous Indexing
Cerebral Cortex (1966-1970)
Public MeSH Note
1971; for PRECENTRAL GYRUS see FRONTAL LOBE 2015-2021
History Note
1971; for PRECENTRAL GYRUS use FRONTAL LOBE 2015-2021
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Premotor Cortex Narrower
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Supplementary Motor Area Narrower
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