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Visual Cortex
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Area of the OCCIPITAL LOBE concerned with the processing of visual information relayed via VISUAL PATHWAYS.
Entry Term(s)
Area V2
Area V3
Area V4
Area V5
Associative Visual Cortex
Brodmann Area 18
Brodmann Area 19
Brodmann's Area 18
Brodmann's Area 19
Cortical Area V2
Cortical Area V3
Cortical Area V4
Cortical Area V5
Extrastriate Cortex
Secondary Visual Cortex
Visual Cortex Secondary
Visual Cortex V2
Visual Cortex V3
Visual Cortex V3, V4, V5
Visual Cortex V4
Visual Cortex V5
Visual Cortex, Associative
Visual Motion Area
NLM Classification #
WL 307
Previous Indexing
Cerebral Cortex (1966-1967)
Vision (1966-1967)
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Visual Cortex Preferred
Cortical Area V4 Narrower
Cortical Area V5 Narrower
Associative Visual Cortex Narrower
Secondary Visual Cortex Narrower
Cortical Area V3 Narrower
Extrastriate Cortex Narrower
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