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Pancreatic Ducts MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Pancreatic Ducts
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note entry term DUODENAL PAPILLA, MINOR: do not confuse with DUODENAL PAPILLA, MAJOR see VATER'S AMPULLA; "duodenal papilla" unspecified is probably DUODENAL PAPILLA, MAJOR
Scope Note
Ducts that collect PANCREATIC JUICE from the PANCREAS and supply it to the DUODENUM.
Entry Term(s)
Accessory Pancreatic Duct
Accessory Pancreatic Duct of Santorini
Duct of Santorini
Duct of Wirsung
Duodenal Papilla, Minor
Main Pancreatic Duct
Santorini's Duct
Wirsung's Duct
NLM Classification #
WI 802
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Pancreatic Ducts Preferred
Duodenal Papilla, Minor Related
Main Pancreatic Duct Narrower
Accessory Pancreatic Duct Narrower
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