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Retinol-Binding Proteins
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specifics, RETINOL-BINDING PROTEINS, PLASMA and RETINOL-BINDING PROTEINS, CELLULAR are available; do not interpret the presence of retinol binding proteins in the blood as RETINOL-BINDING PROTEINS, PLASMA; check for appropriate term
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Proteins which bind with RETINOL. The retinol-binding protein found in plasma has an alpha-1 mobility on electrophoresis and a molecular weight of about 21 kDa. The retinol-protein complex (MW=80-90 kDa) circulates in plasma in the form of a protein-protein complex with prealbumin. The retinol-binding protein found in tissue has a molecular weight of 14 kDa and carries retinol as a noncovalently bound ligand.
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Retinoid Binding Protein
Retinoid Binding Protein, F-Type
Retinoid Binding Proteins
Retinol Binding Protein
Retinol Binding Proteins
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Blood Proteins (1972-1975)
Protein Binding (1972-1975)
Proteins (1972-1975)
Retinol (1975)
Vitamin A (1972-1974)
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Receptors, Retinoic Acid
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