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Septal Nuclei
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Neural nuclei situated in the septal region. They have afferent and cholinergic efferent connections with a variety of FOREBRAIN and BRAIN STEM areas including the HIPPOCAMPAL FORMATION, the LATERAL HYPOTHALAMUS, the tegmentum, and the AMYGDALA. Included are the dorsal, lateral, medial, and triangular septal nuclei, septofimbrial nucleus, nucleus of diagonal band, nucleus of anterior commissure, and the nucleus of stria terminalis.
Entry Term(s)
Bed Nucleus of Stria Terminalis
Dorsal Septal Nucleus
Lateral Septal Nucleus
Lateral Septum Nucleus
Medial Septal Nucleus
Medial Septum Nucleus
Nucleus Interstitialis Striae Terminalis
Nucleus Lateralis Septi
Nucleus Septalis Lateralis
Nucleus Septi Lateralis
Nucleus Striae Terminalis
Nucleus Triangularis Septi
Nucleus of Anterior Commissure
Nucleus of Diagonal Band
Nucleus of Stria Terminalis
Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis
Septal Nuclear Complex
Septofimbrial Nucleus
Triangular Septal Nucleus
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WL 314
Previous Indexing
Cerebral Ventricles (1966-1971)
Hippocampus (1966-1971)
Limbic System (1966-1971)
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78; was see under SEPTUM PELLUCIDUM 1975-77
History Note
78(72); was see under SEPTUM PELLUCIDUM 1975-77
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Septal Nuclei Preferred
Lateral Septal Nucleus Narrower
Medial Septal Nucleus Narrower
Triangular Septal Nucleus Narrower
Nucleus of Diagonal Band Narrower
Nucleus of Stria Terminalis Narrower
Septofimbrial Nucleus Narrower
Dorsal Septal Nucleus Narrower
Nucleus of Anterior Commissure Narrower
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