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Complement C1q
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A subcomponent of complement C1, composed of six copies of three polypeptide chains (A, B, and C), each encoded by a separate gene (C1QA; C1QB; C1QC). This complex is arranged in nine subunits (six disulfide-linked dimers of A and B, and three disulfide-linked homodimers of C). C1q has binding sites for antibodies (the heavy chain of IMMUNOGLOBULIN G or IMMUNOGLOBULIN M). The interaction of C1q and immunoglobulin activates the two proenzymes COMPLEMENT C1R and COMPLEMENT C1S, thus initiating the cascade of COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION via the CLASSICAL COMPLEMENT PATHWAY.
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C1q Complement
Complement 1q
Complement Component 1q
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Complement C1q
Previous Indexing
Complement 1 (1980-1989)
Complement Activating Enzymes (1979-1989)
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2006; see COMPLEMENT 1Q 1990-2005
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2006 (1990)
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